Duncan (and Ruah)

Duncan is a purebred Shih Tzu. Despite his sometimes alarming facial appearance behind all the black and white hair, he's a friendly wee dog and now he's fully trained he is a happy and well-adjusted boy!

His absolute favourite activity is walking with one of the local girls, in the village or on one of the many walking tracks further afield. To the right (and a larger version at the bottom of this page) is a magic photo of Duncan in mid-air, flying about on the Brae! (thanks to Rowan Sharp for this photo - and for walking Duncan)

Duncn 2019 Anthony Payne.jpg
Duncan and Milly 2019 Anthony Payne.jpg
Duncan on Brae in flight Sept19.jpeg

Ruah (below) was a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Fife.

She was a very friendly wee soul, and my guests just loved her. Ruah adored food, and had to be kept out of the dining room during breakfast!


 Sadly, she is now longer with me. But she'll never be forgotten.

Duncan with friend Milly 2019
(Photo Anthony Payne).