December greetings!


Time has galloped past November!!! There is an air of mild panic here and with my family and friends – because Christmas is coming at an alarming rate!!! I am galvanised at times, to drop everything and concentrate on Christmas letter, presents for the village friends, presents for abroad and all the presents collected for the Edinburgh family – this state of panic does not last long, when I realise that, for a while at least, I have enough time!

I'm going to Edinburgh for a few days in mid-December. My excuse, so near Christmas, is that I want to deliver their advent calendars in person! I also can do a little visiting maybe, in between bursts of shopping! I'll also go down for Christmas, weather permitting.

Today we have icy snow lying – just a covering on the ground, but really dangerous! Those of you who know Heron's Flight's position, off the road by quite a bit, will be able to imagine how slippy the drive is – and pitch dark! So the dogs and I have no intention of going visiting, as I quite often do, in the dark.

It has been a very busy year, with guests coming and going from March till the end of October – but how I enjoy their company! Two couples, friends over the years, were married in Plockton, in May and August. Robert and Alison chose to have the ceremony on the front lawn – happily the sun shone! Dave and Denise invited the dogs and me on board Sula Mhor, to witness their marriage, along with Calum the seal boat captain. Alison, Toowoomba, had just arrived here then; she had met the happy couple last year, her being here in August a complete surprise to them! Alison read a lovely poem, on board. The dogs were very well behaved – phew!

The village is now very quiet, until New Year and then again around Easter. All of this area was exceeding busy in 2017 and perhaps we hope that it is not quite so next year, as facilities struggled to cope …...

The family in Edinburgh is well.

Sam's loving his work, at the Royal, in Edinburgh. Catriona is in 6th year at the Royal High – no firm idea of what to study..... Sean's in 3rd year while Daniel, in first year, passed me in the height stakes, much to his delight!!

I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and the Happiest New Year!

As we in Plockton gather near the car park to bring in 2018, watch the bonfire and firework display, and wander home, first footing friends en route, I shall be thinking of all my family and friends far away and wishing them “Happy New Year”

Best wishes


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